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April 19, 2010


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I have been replacing all of our personal care products, looking for propylene glycol and petroleum, so now you've given me one more thing to look out for. Thank you! I use EWG to help me find products from Azure Standard.

Mary Preston

We live as naturally & organically as we possibly can. Simple & pure products.


I use goat milk soap (handmade) and dr. bronners liquid soap and all natural toothpaste and baking soda/apple cider vinegar for shampoo.


I am just starting to become more educated and reading labels and making smarter and better choices for my family.


Uh oh... I just donated and rehomed all of my triclosan (Thanks to Katie at KS) now I am FREAKED OUT about parabens!!! I think my hubby may just run down the street screaming! Thank you for the info/ education and links! I am now a proud recipient of your email feed... though I am not sure DH can handle it ;-)

Julie L

feed subscriber

Julie L

FB fan-Julie L


we try at read labels and watch what comes in to the house and replace things we already have as they run out with more healthy alternatives eaglesforjack@gmail.com


Thanks for this useful post. I just became of fan of you on FB.


oops. put in my email instead of my name.


i subscribe


i subscribe


i am a facebook fan (mrstinareynolds)


I need to start looking at our lotions -- especially my husband's skin block since he is at risk. Thanks for the info!


Reading labels- and I really like the idea of making my own!


Great recipe for lotion! We've been slowly switching over all our body care products as we also work to be more conscious of our food choices. And, I love that I can put it in a jar instead of buying yet more plastic stuff.

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