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April 19, 2010


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I subscribed via e-mail just now :)


I use the all natural products (cleaning, bath & body, etc.) that Melaleuca makes. They are awesome!


I've just subscribed via email.


I try to read labels and I use homemade deodorant, I am going to try no-poo after I use up what I have - we'll see!!


I'd never even heard of parabens before! I just went through all the products we use regularly as a family and separated them in my mind into "safe" and "find a new option when this is empty". I was pleased to find not that many paraben-containing products (probably because I try to buy things containing few ingredients in the first place).


This is totally anecdotal, but I stopped using parabens after reading something on Dr Mercola's site about how they can mess up your hormones. My period stopped for over 6 months, and I thought, Hm, maybe I should try to balance myself by stopping the paraben lifestyle and see what happens.

I'm 43 - a little too young (maybe??) for menopause to hit so soon and so suddenly. I'm cheap so started using Dr Bronner's for soap and shampoo purposes and got the 2.99 conditioner at WHole Foods. Their 'generic verion'. Started using coconut oil for moisturizer, but switched to Kiss My Face lime and lavender moisturizer and lo and behold my periods are back. It was maybe 3-4 months when I became regular again. I did not have a control on myself, so I'll never know fer sure. But I guess smearing preservatives on one's self is probably not a smart way to go.

Starving Student Survivor

My antiperspirant will be empty in another day or two, and when it's gone, I'm making my own deodorant!

Starving Student Survivor

I follow on Twitter and tweeted. http://twitter.com/sssurvivor/status/12591471975

Starving Student Survivor

I subscribe in Google Reader.

Julie S

Thanks for the great giveaway and the extra chances!
1st entry: To get parabens out of my life, I am gradually switching over to homemade or otherwise natural commercial products: household cleaners, shampoo, soap and especially baby care products.

Julie S

2nd entry: I am posting your guest post at KS.

Julie S

3rd entry: I am commenting on Katie's post at KS.

Julie S

4th entry: I fanned/liked Mindful Mama on FB!

Julie S

5th entry: I subscribed to MM by email!


I subscribed by email:)


I am trying to be more aware every-time I buy something that is going to be used by me or my family. It is worth the time to read and research the product to keep my family healthy.


2nd entry- I subscribe by email!


3rd entry- I just commented on Kitchen Stewardship!


4th entry- I am a fan on Facebook!


Final entry :)- Left a comment on Katies review post.


commented on KS

Diane Treat

I'm reading labels and becoming more educated.

Diane Treat

2nd - left a comment at Kitchen Stewardship

Diane Treat

3rd - subscribed


I would love to know where you got your information on USDA certified organic personal care products. The fact is that no synthetic ingredients are allowed in USDA food grade certified organic personal care products. They must contain 95% certified organic ingredients (excluding water and salt) and no synthetics. Personal care products that are USDA certified organic must meet is the same standard that USDA certified organic food must meet. in other words, you have personal care products that are as safe as certified organic food. Any products that are not certified organic, even if "natural" will contain pesticides and herbicides from their production.

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