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May 13, 2010


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Sarah Jacquart

I purchased a CSA share this year for the first time. It's called Westridge Produce and it's based in Blue River, WI - near Madison. I also LOVE to utilize the Dane County Farmers Market and will continue to supplement my CSA share from there. I agree, in Wisconsin it's much easier to eat organic during the summer than during the winter!

hope smiths

SOund like you are busy!!
Love this time of year!!


This is our third year getting a CSA bag from Tiny's in Wenatchee. And almost all other produce purchased is organic. So I don't use the Dirty Dozen and Clean Choice lists. We are really lucky to have a lot of choice!

My yard is really shady, so I only grow a few vegetables in some containers. No pesticides on the veggies or the rest of the garden! I happily display my "Pesticide Free Zone" ladybug sign on my gate. I got it when I joined the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticide.

Lori Alper Groovy Green Livin

I belong to a CSA in the Boston area. I love it because it is offered year round. During the cold months they distribute all sorts of delicious fruits and veggies from CSA's around the country.

Thanks for the updates from EWG. I try to buy as much as possible organic-but if something is conventional-I agree-don't sweat it.


We are fortunate to have farmers markets year round here in San Francisco, so I can be choosy and buy only organic. It wasn't always so. When we lived in a colder clime, we bought organic when we could and avoided what we knew to be worst offenders. Back then, there wasn't a list yet. When eating out, we try to eat at restaurants that use organic ingredients, as they say, "whenever possible," though that is a lot trickier, so we watch the dirty dozen (and beyond) and avoid those fruits and vegetables.

You make an important point about items 13 and on down the list. Just because it's not in the top 12 doesn't mean it may not carry enough pesticides to be harmful, especially to a pregnant or nursing mom and to children.

Love your lettuce. Gorgeous and healthy.

Dr. Josh Axe

It seems like everyone is coming out with their perspective on which fruits/veggies to buy organic. I like your approach of knowing which ones you purchase the most and making sure you buy the organic version!

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