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May 19, 2010


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Yes, I walked to school as a child more than half of my twelve years. How I wish there had been parent leaders! My siblings and I were accosted too frequently by bullies who hurt us. Then there was the dirty old man who drove around in his ancient Cadillac and tried to entice children into his car. Sometimes he went off the deep end, tried to block us into an alley and came after us with a truncheon. We were wily and quick and always escaped, but he was a terror.

This is a wonderful thing your neighbors are doing. With a trusted adult to assure safety, the children can enjoy the fresh air, the changing weather and seasons, and all the sensory delights awaiting them along the way--bird song, flowers in bloom, savory and sweet kitchen aromas. They learn camaraderie, watching out for one another, and the joy of community.

I give gratitude for the adults taking time from their busy days to nurture their children in this way. May they be thrice blessed.


Great post Michaela,

I am seeing more and more of that in my neighborhood, started spontaneously by parents! I too walked over a mile to school each way as child - uphill both way - really (and down since we had a Dr Seuss type walk, down one hill and up the next.)
It's too easy to get over reliant on the car in Southern California and I know I am guilty.

Cricket Saunders

I gave you a Blog Award: http://www.cricketfix.webuda.com/blog-connecting/my-first-blog-award/


What a wonderful idea!!! I remember walking to school as a kid and am always baffled by the parents that drive their kids to school when the school is less than a block from home. Thank you for sharing!

Ecover Blog

Thanks for the great post on walking to school. I walked as a child and my kids walk to school every day. It's so good for all of us ... and the environment. I hope more schools and parents make efforts to give children the opportunity to walk to school.
-Deb for Ecover

faith moser

Yeah - I love the idea of a walking school bus! Kudos to your neighbors for starting such a wonderful {and fun!} thing for the kids and parents!

Sabrina Ahmed

I really think this is an excellent way to not only get our kids motivated and exercising (because there is no easy way to do that) but also to teach them how doing something small, like walking to school everyday, plays a bigger role in helping the environment by not only preserving natural resources but also by reducing vehicle emissions into the air.

As a Green mom, I am always looking for new ways to educate myself and my children about why Green is good and why helping the environment is so important. I recently stumbled across a blog that I found to have a lot of enlightening information about Green trends and issues, http://www.greeneutopia.com . I recently read an article about the benefits of watering your organic garden with recycled rainwater and I bought a rain barrel from them and just happened to wander around the rest of the site as well. I hope others can benefit from this resource.

So moms, if you need some info or a rain catcher perhaps... (http://www.greeneutopia.com)

Good Luck in Being Green!


'I give gratitude for the adults taking time from their busy days to nurture their children in this way. May they be thrice blessed.'

I couldn't have put it better myself, totally agree :-)


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Beatrice Norling

This is a great idea and a very good investment for health, too! Kids should make a habit of this while they're still young; it's a very good exercise and they've got nothing to lose. This is one of the advantages of living close to school!

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