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May 26, 2010


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One more tip: My husband, who does UV research at a leading research university has discovered that staying out of direct sun is not enough: UV rays scatter in the sky, and you can actually get harmful sun exposure from exposing yourself even to indirect sunlight. A better rule for avoiding too much exposure is to see how much *sky* you can see. The less sky, the better for those who are trying to avoid UV exposure. This does not mean you can't go outside: we live in the woods and enjoy our woodsy patio, with the sky obscured by lots of leaves all around. Altitude is also crucial: Colorado mountains are going to be worse for UV than Indiana cornfields. Also, the key is *over* exposure. You still want enough to get that good vitamin D.


Mother Whales are fully committed to their calf, just like human mothers

Human ignorance has caused a lot of harm to wildlife, please help the Whales. Please log on to site http://www.WhalingNoMore.org, there is less than a month to make our voices herd regarding the fate of whales.

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