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June 25, 2010


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love the beach--just returned--how to get him back on normal food from a week of fried stuff and ice cream...??

http monitor

Wow that's great!! I love beach! =D Hmm i can really say that you are enjoying that trip! =D I love viewing your photos!! Thanks for sharing it!

Condo Blues

Love the blender. That would have come in handy when a family member had a boat. Now we make due with red wine. I have first dibs on the empty bottles and corks for a craft project!


Have a good vacation - when you get back, would you consider being a blog book tour stop for http://www.littlepicklepress.com for their new children's book, What Does It Mean To Be Present? Your blog would be a great match for the topic... for the whole little series really. Thanks for letting me know. ~ Dani

Nursing top

Nice shots!That little boy is really cute..he really had fun!...great vacation!

Donna Parsley

It looks like the boys had really had fun on their beach vacation last summer. This year is like the best year coz’ my sister and Mom end up their dispute, so I am planning to have a family vacation in Panama City. I am already looking for cheap but convenient rentals to stay in.

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