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June 23, 2010


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My garden looks the same way. I pulled so much chard, kale & other greens because there was nothing the darn slugs hadn't eaten!

I hate slugs.

While we respect the lives of ants, flies & spiders in our house, I don't have a problem erradicating slugs. They serve no purpose that we can find.

Last summer we tried little bowls of Pabst Blue Ribbon throughout our beds. That got some, but others refrained.

Two years ago we used copper tape around the top of our raised garden beds which TOTALLY WORKED! But, the tape has to be replaced each year and our wood has expended and contracted over the years so we now have gaps where they sneak in.

My husband was told by our local nursery that sluggo is natural, organic and safe to use in our organic garden. I'm on the fence with this one.

Right now I'm on the hunt for crushed shells (which should be at our local nursery but isn't). They don't like to crawl over them so they "won't" (so I'm told). I keep hoping slug season ends soon but it isn't.

For other bugs we will spray water with a teeny bit (like one drop) of dish soap (good, safe stuff) right onto our plants to keep the little guys away. We do this about once a week or so and it seems to keep things under control.

Good luck!


My broccoli looks much like yours. I haven't figured out what the culprit is, but I'l going to try a mixture of water, dish detergent and cayenne pepper. As for slugs, I successfully lured them away with beer in a pie pan that I placed in the ground so it was level with the dirt. They just slide right in and drown. I tried the dried shells and they didn't seem to mind them at all so it didn't work. I also handpicked(with a shovel, I didn't really touch them, eeewwww) some also. I have used Sluggo for organic gardens before and it does work.(there is a non organic version, so check first)

Beth C.

I recently heard that used coffee grounds work really well - I need to get some and try it out myself!


Do you have any beneficial plants to attract good insects?

I've heard multiple claims that beneficial nematodes (purchased) can work wonders. Though, I sometimes wonder if that could go the way of "The old lady that swallowed a fly".

For us, being aware of the pests and being out in the garden and shaking them off the plants and planting plants to attract good insects, has had good results so far.


Spraying home made solutions can work, but keep in mind, you're killing the good bugs and the bad.

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yeah I agree with Beth...I used to do that and it's work...I don't think if only I am can experience with that but I hear it to my friend...and maybe my friend hear it to other people.


yes beer in a level tuna can works! Don't use the good stuff, we get tons with that.


We have some Miller Light that someone left at our house once - that's what the slugs get!


I recently purchased a book that was published in the '70s called "Grow Your Own" it's an introduction to organic gardening and has a lot of great tips for not just killing pests but protecting your garden from them to begin with. I don't know how easily you could find this book but if you could it would be worth it.

Amanda Doyle


This site has excellent ideas! Sorry about your beautiful little plants. I have been waging war against those slimy little beasts myself and there is nothing more heart breaking than a lost battle.
Good Luck!

Condo Blues

Putting coffee grounds and crushed egg shells are supposed to help protect plants from slugs. Apparently they don't like to crawl over the sharp edges of the material and give up. But I've heard that beer traps work best.


Gina - so funny that the slugs turned up their noses to Pabst Blue Ribbon. Not sure if they'll go for the Miller Light then. I'll let you know! Thanks for the dish soap spray tip - I think I'll try that first because it's easy.

Fate - great tip about beneficial insects - I'll look into that.

Reese - I'm going to look for that Grow Your Own book at the library - thanks!

Amanda - great website - thanks for the tip!

We're just heading out on vacation for 12 days so unfortunately all this is going to have to wait....

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oh my God! What happened to your plant!! =(
Hmm what a waste =( i love gardening!

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Nature is just miraculous. We need to respect it and should not destroy it.


Use beans, horseradish leaves, comfrey leaves, calendula, lettuce, marigolds, and zinnias as a trap crop for slugs.Spring cultivation of the soil where practical will help to kill hibernating slugs and eggs.

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