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June 16, 2010


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You got me thinking of some of the best RAKs I've been fortunate to receive. One was the use of a car when my then seventeen-year-old, who commuted 60 miles round trip to school each day, suddenly lost use of her car. (Don't get me started about that commute and the history behind it!) A friend showed up on our doorstep, handed us a set of keys and the admonition not to say a word, she'd made up her mind, and my daughter was to use the car for as long as she needed, however long it took.

Another was the generous smile and friendly hello of a total stranger on a dismal day. The day was dismal for the events that occurred as much as for the drizzle outside the windows. You might not think a genuine smile could do much to lift a suffering soul's spirits, but you'd be surprised.

There are so many more. I'm a lucky woman. Thanks for the reminder.

As for your question, I walked my sweetie part way to work (a couple of miles) today. We chatted in the sunshine and smelled the good morning smells. Yesterday I held a stroller for a mom struggling with an active baby on the bus. That's a couple. Oh yes, I smile at folks on the street and in stores every time I think of it.

Condo Blues

Last weekend my husband helped our neighbor with a computer problem. She was on her second replacement computer and tech support blew her off as a software issue. My husband quickly diagnosed that it was a bad network card and replaced it for her (it's easy to do.) She was so grateful that she made us cookies! I told her it wasn't a big deal. That's what neighbors are for!


This is such a wonderful idea. Sometimes bringing attention to small kindnesses makes them contagious. : )

Natural Health

Ahhh, I love this! I'm going to do something today!

Lynn Anne Miller

Micaela, you must live in an amazing community! I love this! And you are just the kind of person who practices Random Acts of Kindness!

Lynn Anne Miller


I love this! It sounds like you live in an amazing community! And you are just the kind of person who would practice Random Acts of Kindness!


Thanks everyone for sharing your random acts of kindness!! A little kindness goes round and round and round...


Wow nice Acts of Kindness ^^, Thanks for sharing it.. Cool! I love it!

thank you kid

i love that!!!<3

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