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August 18, 2010


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Unplanned Cooking

Our routines are similar, only I've still got 2 little ones at home (with one off to preschool). But I find if I stick to the morning routine, our day goes much smoother - once we're dressed we can conquer the world :).


My maternity leave is ending and I'm heading back to school. Since I teach high school, I'm going to have to go back to getting up at 5:30... But I'm out of work by 2 so I look on the bright side.

Is it too late to contribute to the carnival? I'd like to write from a teacher's perspective!


Abbie - Yes - we would love to have a teacher's perspective in the carnival!! I'll send you an email...

Tammy Anderson-Wise

Hi Micaela- I just love that you're scheduling a healthy breakfast, snack AND family meal every day!

As a nutrition expert with Dairy Council of California and a mom of two, I know firsthand the benefits of family meal time. With the free meal-planning tools on www.MealsMatter.org, cooking family meals does not have to be expensive, elaborate or time consuming to be beneficial!

More simple ideas and a free Back to School 30-Minute Family Meal cookbook, visit http://www.mealsmatter.org/EatingForHealth/FeatureArchive/index2.aspx

Lori Alper

Hi Micaela-Thanks for posting about routines. Like most, we are about to dive in head first to a routine after a summer of no routines. My biggest challenge is the staggered start time for my kids in the morning. My little guy-in first grade-starts later than my other two. I have a hard time getting everyone up and out when they need to be.

Just wondering what time your kids go to bed? That is going to be challenging too-trying to get back to a consistent, reasonable bedtime.


Lori - I'm going to have to work on bedtimes too - it's gotten pretty late during the summer! I'm thinking lights out at 8:15/8:30 for the kindergartner and 9:30 for the 5th grader.


Tammy - thanks for the link. I'm a big advocate of family meals!


One of my biggest goals this school year is to not be in such a rush in the morning. And this means not waking up at the absolutely last minute. I am thrilled that my first grader will get to ride the bus, or walk with dad, this year. Still have to drive the preschooler though...

I am excited to see the other carnival submissions, although I am bummed to have missed it!


First and foremost, back to school is a great time to get organized.Set up the routine at the beginning of the school year and be prepared to enforce.

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