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September 15, 2010


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Green Bean

What a great post! As important as it is to buy less, it is important to spend the dollars we do spend wisely - supporting burgeoning companies hoping to make a difference and offering quality products. Thanks!


Thank you Micaela for highlighting Hopscotch Kids. It truly was a pleasure to meet you all at the Green Blogger Soiree. So nice to have moms like you out there researching and writing about the newest, latest, safest products out there for our lil ones. I'm like most moms - just trying to do the best I can. I love that I can refer to sites like yours to get the best information. Hope to see you again soon! Blessings, Ginny (Hopscotch Mom)

Lindsey Marston

We are a green company just starting out in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We specialize in bamboo and organic cotton clothing for children. We will be launching our website this weekend!



Lauren Russell

Louisville Stoneware a Naturally Green Product


With many of our dishes and serving pieces being produced in large factories I think it is HUGE for us to let people know that there are alternatives. Louisville Stoneware is Kentucky Crafted and the OLDEST pottery company in the USA. Since they opened their doors they have been the perfect dinnerware for freshly harvested greens, pastured poultry and other eco-friendly foods, Louisville Stoneware provides the perfect complement. Just as natural food traditions emphasize quality over quantity and convenience, Louisville Stoneware pieces are handmade by local artists, from regional clay, without any use of hazardous materials. They help you discover the art of authentic food and healthy eating.ors in 1815 they have stayed and remained green ever since. Their serving piece's have been given as gifts to dignitaries all over the world to Buckingham Palace to the White House but, at last, like every other company that is green it is hard to compete. Please help support Louisville Stoneware!


Lauren Russell



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