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October 06, 2010


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ha ha ha! i've become obsessed with refashioning--in my mind! ha ha ha! i've done a couple things, have been collecting a TON of used clothes, and now, i can't get rid of anything in our house b/c i feel that i can do something with it--either refashion or repurpose it! ha ha ha! it's so bad. i would actually like to do this on the side, or for a living! :) it's so much fun. for now though, everything just sits. now i have to take what's in my head and just start doing some of those projects!

i've done the t-shirt into shopping bag & remade t-shirts into girls' dresses. my latest was a boys dress shirt into a girls halter dress. (copied it straight out of current edition of Green Craft magazine) haven't quite gotten to stuff for my boys, my husband, or myself yet.

my skeletons in my own closet--right now, i pretty much wear everything as is (i downsized my closet awhile back). i love that melissa actually went through her OWN closet and just refashioined what was there. FAB! :)

so yeah...refashioning and remaking things...i just loooove it. :) my 5th grader will be having 2 market days this year at his school (as part of learning about communities and econ), and i'm trying to push the market days to be "green" market days where the kids have to think of things that are made of X% of recycled items and/or contribute the health and well-being of their society.

great post! :)

Lori Alper aka Groovy Green Livin

I have so many things in my closet that could use a complete overhaul. This is incredibly inspiring! I love all three examples....hopefully I can do a bit of refashioning-with a little help from a nearby tailor. I can't sew!

Ecover US Blog

Hey Micaela! Not related to your fashion post, but wanted to let you know that an eco-parenting blog entry is up on Ecover's blog. You are mentioned! Hope all is well.
-Deb for Ecover

wholesale artful dodger

I like the refashioned skirt. it looks better now than before. keep it up. hope to read more of your post.


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