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October 18, 2010


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Stephanie B. Cornais

That is great! I wish it came in a cool fabric/design though!

Moon Lee

Love the tote! We also have green products that we like to share! See www.ecopackstore.com for our eco friendly tape for your gift wrapping needs.

Jesika Jennings

I appreciate this, but then what do I do with the pile of cheap resuables I already have?

Condo Blues

I gave something similar to someone as a birthday gift because she wanted sturdier reusable bags for shopping. She also found that it was great to take with her on a beach vacation because everything folded up in her suitcase. She used the produce bags for holding sandy beach toys during her trip. She washed everything with her laundry when she got home.


Stephanie - they do come in different fabrics!! There is a link in the post - but here it is again: http://www.essereusablebags.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=E&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=CA5


Jesika - like I said in the post - keep using what you have until you need something new. You could always find a new use for your older bags - for holding toys, recyclables, other items around the home...


I like it--a lot. I tend to avoid posts about products, but when it is something so useful, I'm glad I saw it, so thank you! The very first reusable bag I bought decades ago, made of canvas, is still ample in size and highly functional. We've gone through a number of these cheesy "reusable" bags that fall apart quickly, most of which we purchased on the fly because we had forgotten to drag our bags from home. I like the kit idea. Keeps everything in one place.


Glad you like it Grace! Personally, I love supporting cool, small, green businesses like Esse when I need new products! Come back next week and maybe you'll win one! :)


Anything that helps more people stop wasting so much plastic is awesome in my book! I have four brown totes that I keep rolled up in a small bungy cord. I like them because they remind me of paper bags and there's no logos on them. I once had a walmart associate tell me "you do know you can recycle our bags, don't you?" I was too dumbstruck to tell her that reusing something takes A LOT less energy than recycling. I also cringe to know people have taken to using plastic grocery bags as trash bags to "reuse" them. A bag that could have been recycled is now in the dump.

Lori Alper aka Groovy Green Livin

This is exactly what I need. All of my reusables are shredding and disintegrating. They are taking over my entire trunk. Something sturdy would be welcome.


I have this tote and absolutely love it! The bags are great and the tote keeps everything neat and together. It came with 3 grocery bags and I put 2 more of my own in it - fits perfectly. I get lots of comments. I agree with Micaela that they would make a perfect gift for someone who needs that extra little push to use reusables.

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