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November 15, 2010


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What a great service! I just looked it up and there are 2 drop off sites in my neighborhood. This might just motivate me to clean out my sewing stuff. You know all the little scraps of fabric you save because it seems a shame to throw away a potential quilt but really are you ever going to learn to quilt?


Hellow and Happy ARD! We have thousands of regularly-serviced collection bins across the nation. In fact, we recently expanded into California's Bay Area! Currently, we operate in about 11 major urban areas and are continuing to expand our area of service. If any of your readers have questions about our services, please feel free to check out our website: www.usagain.com

Let's use it again!


I love this idea. There is a lot I can use these boxes for. My car already feels 60 lbs lighter.....yes I have been driving with those clothes in my trunk. Ha ha.


Thanks Mindful Momma! I didn't know clothes can be recycled.


here in the Philippines,people recycle clothes as a rug.

wholesale clothing

Not all in the Philippines recycled an old clothes into rag, some Filipinos donate their old clothes, so that it can be used by others who need it.



Hi Micaela,
I just came across this post! Thank you so much for the info. I have a couple pillow cases stuffed with (clean) ripped socks and underwear and other unusable clothing items. I had been planning on making some pillows and using these items as stuffing, as a way to recycle them. But, with my busy life I haven't found the time, and my sewing machine isn't working!
We just moved into a smaller house with less storage,so it will be great to get rid of this stuff and know that it will be recycled! We also have a bunch shoes that are past their functional life span.
I'm so excited to know about USAgain. What a great organization! Thanks again Micaela! You rock!


As much as I would like to agree with all of the wonderful comments about this company, I have to share a story with all of you that will change your minds...

I own a business near St. Louis and there is one of these drop boxes in the parking lot next to our store. Until now, I thought highly of the idea of recycling clothes with this company. They let me know that I only needed to call them when I noticed it was full and they would come and empty it right away. Well, yesterday I did just that. They said they would have someone out right away to empty it out - and they did. A man showed up about a half-hour later to clean it out. Right into my DUMPSTER! I realized it as soon as the guy drove away so I called them back and complained about the situation. I reminded them that not only is it illegal to throw stuff away in a privately paid dumpster, but it would really be bad PR if it got out that they did this. They were very apologetic and said they just got the guy on the phone and he would return to get their stuff out of my dumpster. I thought we would see him back right away since he had only been gone about 15 minutes or so. Wrong. He never returned and my dumpster was emptied this morning. I would strongly recommend donating to a local shelter or Goodwill or something. This stuff is NOT kept out of landfills!

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Recycling clothes is a nice way to help ourselves as well as our environment. I hope this is a start of a nice habit of recycling.

Shox r4

held tight to the world, but rejected.
If I had saved the effort, would the pain be less?

John Lucas

Thank you for sharing! I would love to find a drop box service in Portland, since I have a lot of old materials that could be recycled. I love the convenience that drop boxes offer.

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