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December 02, 2010


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Sarah M

My favorite reusables currently are cloth wipes. I bought a stash to use for my kids when changing diapers, but they come in handy for cleaning up faces, hands, spills etc. We love them so much that we are planning on stocking up and using them as "family wipes" in the bathroom too.


I hope you meant December and not October! My favorite reusables are bamboo cloths. They work great for cleaning and clean-ups.


My favorite reusables are old washcloths that we use for wiping small faces and hands as well as cleaning (2 separate colors to keep track of which wipes what).


My favorite reusables are my cloth diapers...I looove my Lucky Jade Bamboo diapers!
And honestly, I can't live without my reusable grocery bags either.


I have a reusable sandwich bag holder for my daughter and would love to have snack bags too!

Lori Alper aka Groovy Green Livin

I love all my reusable snack and sandwich bags. Feels great not to use anything disposable in the lunch boxes. I just got a Vapur as a gift and the jury is still out. I love the concept, just not crazy about the plastic.


After the kids' baths, I use the wet washcloth to wipe down the sinks before throwing them in the laundry. Thanks for the great giveaway!


My favorite reusables are glass jars. We collect them from anyone who will give them to us. We store leftovers, rice, dry beans, buttons... a little bit of everything!


My favorite reusables will soon be cloth mama pads. I use a Diva Cup but wear a pad just in case it leaks. Will be so excited to get them (from etsy) and use them!

FYI Your post says this giveaway ends in October...


I reuse glass pasta and olive jars to freeze my homemade chicken broth.


i use cloth menstrual pads and loooove them. is that too much information? really though, they are sooo comfy once i started using them, i never looked back.

wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

My favorite reusable items are my cloth diapers, but I also love the ceramic ramekins I use to pack lunches in! They work so well, especially for my toddler's lunch.

I am getting some stainless steel straws for Christmas, too! :)

wendykate99 at yahoo dot com


My favorite reusables are my stainless steel water bottles. I love to take them with me while I exercise. No more plastic!


My favorite reusables are glass jars. I love them for my homemade chicken stock.


My favorite reusable items are the the snack wraps. We have been using them for over a year now. No need to use plastics bags anymore

Gina B

Just one favorite reusable item? I'm going to have to go with cloth diapers. I never thought I'd be cloth-diapering. Now, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to. With the right diapers, you'll save so much money and waste with very, very little extra effort.


My favorite reusables are glass jars

Kristie Thompson

My favorite reusable right now are the leftover glass baby food jars from the one pack we bought for travel. We've used them as tupperware for small snacks and my 20 month old uses them for drinking glasses now. They are the perfect size. They also occasionally hold dandelions picked during walks.


I've been enjoying making things this holiday from repurposed clothing, sheets, old house hold items and making toys and tree ornaments for the kids. I love some of the funky vintage prints I can find and that you probably can't buy even if you wanted to and it's also super easy on the budget, too!


I would have to go with glass jars as well. They can be used for storing anything!


We reuse glass jars as well as the 2-lb-capacity square #1 plastic containers for rice/couscous (largest container I can find for whole wheat couscous) as storage for all of our bulk dry goods...rices, lentils, beans (I have about seven kinds of each of those).


Great ideas. I really love those packable bottles...that would be perfect for my family of hikers!


My favorite reusable lately - cutting up my children's tie dye T-shirts to use as napkins. I made these shirts for them years ago and couldn't bear to give them away once they outgrew them. This way I still have them around.

aimee c.

oh, it's so good to be green!


I've been buying vintage refrigerator dishes at Goodwill to use as we get rid of plastic tupperware type containers.

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