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December 21, 2010


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Condo Blues

I made some gift bags for a Michigan fan from the U of M fabric I had left over from making his gift last year. I used the scraps to make a braided dog chew toy for an Ohio State fan's dog. Green, thrifty, and a little twisted :)

I made gift bows from magazines for my wrapped packages this year. I think I'm going to make fabric gift bags after the holidays for my gift wrapping supply box. It will help me cut down my stash AND make wrapping gifts easier as well as be green.


I'm using brown kraft paper and some ribbons, fibers and book pages from my crafting stash!



We have designed the first-ever reversible toy box! Ready for the party with one flip-over package. All printed on 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks. And then the tray the toy comes in once recipient opens it becomes a gorgeous keepsake-keeper!


I love this idea! I have lots of paper gift bags to re-use, but will definitely keep this in mind. I have a wetbag (we cloth diaper) with the same print as the snack bag for your nephew! :)

C'est La Mode

I so loved the ideas! Going paperless/ paper no more ideas especially in gift wrapping. There are really many ways to reuse home items for an occasion.

Kimberly Hosey (Arizona Writer)

These are all such wonderful ideas. I'm not craft-y at all in this way, but this definitely makes me want to be.


I'm so glad you all liked my gift wrap ideas - I have so much fun doing it.

Kellie - I just LOVE your monochrome gift wrapping - especially the ones using the old sheet music. Beautiful!!

Lisa (@CondoBlues) your magazine gift bows are the bomb!


gift delivery Philippines

Nice gift wrap ideas it was very adorable a perfectly one. Keep posting!


wrapping machine

Great ideas :) I'm looking around my apartment now and everything looks like potential gift-wrapping material! now I just have to find the gifts and I'm done!


When my daughter was little I used to save her paintings and drawings throughout the year and use them for wrapping paper at Xmas tied with a festive ribbon...the gifts looked gorgeous and my daughter loved everyone admiring her handy work!


Hi Celeste - I love that idea of using a child's artwork as gift wrap! I have also turned art into Valentine's day cards.


Jennifer Lee

Great ideas! My Dad used to wrap gifts in the funny pages. So playful and fun (and a great way to reuse the newspaper!). Thanks for sharing.


Hi Jennifer - the funny pages are such a classic wrapping paper! We do birthday gifts in them all the time! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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