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December 20, 2010


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It is super hard to do sometimes, but it is the best when we can take a day to totally focus on entertaining our children and not try to steal a few minutes for ourselves. To be totally present for them once in a while is the best gift we can ever give our kids.
This is my goal for Dec 23rd - first day of christmas break. we'll see! I have a few craft ideas and some treat projects thought up - as well as a visit to the museum and a special lunch at our favey grocery lunch counter!

Betsy (Eco-novice)

Music! It's so easy to sing to your kids. I love hearing my kids sing while noodling around on the piano. What could be better than hearing my 3-year-old sing "blew his horn both loud and shrill" (from The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night) or, even better, his own invented words? I remember a while back when he sang "5 is for number" to the tune "c is for cookie." I love hearing my 1-year-old babble her own "words" to familiar tunes too. I am a big fan of songs that invite invention (Oh a hunting we will go) as well as books that are also songs (which the kids often sing later to themselves while looking at the book). We have lots of kid-friendly musical instruments too (besides the piano). Easier (and so much less messy) than art (I'm lazy).


Betsy - that's so true. Music is a wonderful way to inspire imagination! My year old is constantly making up songs - I love it!


Nancy - I agree that being completely present with your kids is a wonderful gift! Enjoy your special day with yours! :)

Suzita @ playfightrepeat.com

Lovely post and great reminder to prioritize creativity and imagination. In our house I find that a burst of imagination tends to occur right after a period of boredom. Thus, I am trying to get better at letting the kids be bored now and again.

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