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January 13, 2011


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Natural Choice Directory

Great post! Clutter is such a hindrance to positive mood and productivity. You can take advantage of even eco-solutions to clutter thanks to these businesses: http://naturalchoice.net/sec1/organizer.htm


I always feel like I have more stuff not less when I declutter. Sometimes I DO have more because I bought doubles of something I didn't realize I had because of an unorganized shelf - oops.

Kimberly Hosey (Arizona Writer)

I SO need to declutter. It's amazing how it clears my mind and invigorates me (when I actually manage to declutter for real, anyway). Thanks for the plan and inspiration!


A good post MM! I always believe in the saying that a person who does not clear clutter in his own home/room is a person with a lot of unresolved problems (that he may be ignoring). Often such a person will try to do favours for others (even if unethical favours) at the expense of others.


I am like you. I start off strong and then my efforts wane. I love doing the room by room idea, and best yet, don't bring in the stuff to begin with! Can't wait to hear about your remodel. You know I love all that building stuff...

Diane MacEachern

Not bringing stuff into the house is key. I have started telling folks, "I am going paperless. I don't take paper," whether I'm at a store or on the street and someone is handing something out. It's made a big difference.

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