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January 11, 2011


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Hubby started a 6-wk cleanse in Nov; he lost 11 lbs, then got stuck in week 4 (for 3 weeks!), then fell off the wagon completely over Xmas.
We both did this cleanse a few years ago; it's slow and steady and it really helps to train you into better habits:
Biggest tip: remove all forbidden foods from your home, or you'll be tempted to "reward" yourself for your hard work as you go. No rewards until the very end! :)


I'm not doing the WL detox, but I did try the green smoothie recipe and it's fantastic!


I gave up in stages. Sugar and alcohol first, then I cut back on meat and dairy, then coffee. The best and worst was GIVING UP COFFEE!!!! Not because I really missed the coffee (at first I did). It was the experience I missed. Getting up in the morning and having that first cup!!! Lounging around on a weekend morning, reading the paper and drinking coffee- heaven!! And for some reason- herbal tea doesn't completely cut it, although I have found many that I love.
My husband still drinks coffee, so I can smell it- which I LOVE!!
The best part- I didn't realize it bothered my stomach a little, and I am never dehydrated like I was from coffee. I just might be off it forever.
Next- no more gluten!!!


Elisa - I totally relate to how hard it was to give up coffee. You're so right - it's the ritual of it that I love! I enjoy herbal tea but it's just not the same.

Christine - thanks for sharing your cleanse with us. The gradual approach makes a lot of sense. Next time I do a detox, I might prefer to do it that way instead of giving everything up all at once.

Erika - Did you try the smoothie with kale? I was afraid of that one! Green smoothies are not my favorite (mostly because of the color) and that one seemed over the top!

Melanie, Wellness Coach

Congratulations! Sounds like you are doing really well!

For those of you who are interested in detoxing, this is a great program to follow, but I would recommend waiting until spring when your body will naturally want to cleanse and eat lighter, just as our ancestors did when they ate the first shoots and leaves to spring from the ground after the frost lifted. It is much easier to align with your bodies natural tendencies to eat heavier when the weather is cooler and lighter in the spring and summer. You will find that cravings are not as intense in springtime, because you will naturally crave more greens and lighter foods.

Good luck, and be well!

Curtis Johnson Realty

Having a great healthy meal and appreciate the effort of being healthy is a good start. There are a lot of things that we have to sacrifice in order to get the weight we want. Plus the craving for the usual things we intake like coffee and sort of is not a good feeling at the start. But focusing on your goal can be a great motivation. Congratulations and more power.

Skip Hire Croydon

Congratulations on going going detox, its surprising how many people say coffee was the hardest to give up. I might have to give it a go just to see. I suppose with such a regular intake of caffeine you do become unconsciously addicted. Hope you kep it up!

Betsy (Eco-novice)

I guess I'm on a lifelong cleanse of coffee and alcohol. Never had them. But dairy, gluten and sugar -- yowza. That would be very tough.

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