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February 10, 2011


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Lori Popkewitz Alper

We rarely use the dry cleaners-but occasionally we have a few things to drop off. Yesterday was one of those days where the bag was full and i did a drop off. I went to our local "green" cleaners (still not sure if they are truly green even after reading their brochure)and asked them not to use plastic. I didn't give them a reusable garment bag-just asked for the clothing back on hangers. It was that simple! Thanks for the great tips.

Betsy (Eco-novice)

I know this isn't an option for all, but I just never buy anything that's dry clean only. I wash my husband's dress shirts and he irons them himself. The Green dry cleaner near my house is super expensive. We only use it a couple times a year for suits and other stuff that we can't wash ourselves.


In reality there are a lot of clothes that say dry clean only that aren't.
Manufacturers use it as a CYA because the fabric is a little more delicate and won't handle the average washer on warm water and a dryer.
For me - wash on delicate in cold and hang to dry....I haven't been to a dry cleaner in DECADES!

Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Essential Oils)

People are better off avoiding dry cleaning altogether, but these are good points to remember for those times when you don't have much of a choice.


I have known that dry cleaning can make the clothes color not fade. That's why many opt for that than wash and iron them. Dry cleaned clothes are much comfortable also to wear than the other way round. Nice post, thanks for sharing =)

mesa dry cleaners

Great article! It really is important for everyone to know that green dry cleaning is the way to go and/or that there are alternatives to keep yourself and the environment safe from PERC.

Alex Caster (F)

Sharing this kind of article made me think of choosing the best dry cleaners in Houston and we should be aware of what kind of products they're going to use for washing our clothes; for me it's necessary to maintain a good quality and texture of my clothes after I have sent it to dry cleaners.


Great advice! It’s tough to wean ourselves from dry cleaner dependency, especially when it comes to wool and silk. For those interested in washing these items by hand, give Ecover’s Delicate Wash (http://www.ecover.com/us/en/Products/Laundry/Delicate+Wash.htm) a try. It’s Woolmark-approved and leaves clothes with a subtle lavender scent. Cheers!
Maureen for Ecover

commercial vacuum cleaners

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Laurie loves her Composter

Great tips for eco friendly dry cleaning and laundry.

Laurie Alexander A
Composter Reviews


Keep posting good quality articles like this one! I will be back here..


There are loads of clothes and garments that can be put through the washer which do say dry clean only. I do have to say that never put curtains in the wash that state dry clean only, I did last year and I lost 3 inches off the bottom of them.... they don't look great anymore.


I washed my wedding dress which stated dry clean only in the washing machine and not through a dry cleaners. It came out perfectly, but I wouldn't recommend it for every item of clothing which states dry clean only, I have had some disasters risking it like this.


Hi Sara  - thanks for your comment! It's true, a lot of "dry clean only" clothing can be washed in the machine at home. Glad to hear that your wedding dress came out OK!



I have recently washed the cushions from my sofa in the washing machine and they have shrunk a little, have you any ideas on how I can stretch them so they fit again. It didn't state dry clean only on these.

Mike@Best Washer and Dryer Reviews

Exellent tips here. Thanks a lot for this kind of eco-friendly infos!


I am in the same position as you and your husband. I don't mind cooking for him, but I draw the line at ironing his nice shirts, suits, etc. I like the idea of going greener with dry cleaning by bringing my own reusable bags and hangers. I wonder if the dry cleaners in Los Angeles have those to buy? http://www.selective-cleaners.com


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