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April 06, 2011


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My favorite shampoo bar comes half-covered in a re-used brown paper shopping bag w/the Good Earth Soap logo on it. We don't have a WF here (maybe in Milwaukee??), so I find other sources for my soap. If we get out west this summer, though, I will check out the one in River Falls!


I wish I could remember the brand, but when I was out in Colorado purchased a soap that did have packaging, but it was biodegradable and had wildflower seeds in the package.


Sappo Hill soaps are fantastic--I'm a big fan of the lemon gardeners' with cornmeal. My good friend Jen also makes the most amazing goat milk soaps. My girls and I have helped hand-feed her baby goats in New Hampshire. Her soaps are wonderfully scented--cedarwood, rose geranium, neroli, sandalwood--and just last forever. Her website is: http://www.gardendreams.org


I think we bought that same wildflower soap. Can't remember when or where though.


We have a local lady that has a shop in Downyown York that makes delicious smelling natural soaps. She makes small labels for them, but you can bring them back and have her reuse them or just leave it there. She also makes big soap logs that you can cut apart as well. The company is called Sunrise Soap Company based out of York, PA. Pretty sure she has a website but don't know it offhand.

Lori Popkewitz Alper

I hadn't thought of looking on Etsy for homemade soap. What a great idea. I usually buy soap at the farmers market or at Whole Foods. All without any plastic wrapping. I really like Zum Bar Soap-made with goats milk.

Green Bean

Bar soap is one of my favorite eco-"sacrifices". I troll our farmers' market for bar soap and just recently ordered some, along with honey, from a beekeeper I found who lives one town away.

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Natural soaps just smell better too!


I buy LuSa Organics soap from one of the crunchy stores in town (Community Pharmacy and Willy Street both have it) with no labels. And when the summer comes I could even buy it direct at the Farmer's Market if I remembered. My mother probably thinks I'm crazy to spend $4.50 on a bar of soap but it's so worth it.


ooohh...those soaps sound wonderful Marcie!


I've seen those Zum soaps but have never tried them - glad to hear a positive review!


LuSa Organics is such a great company! I buy their stuff at the Madison farmer's market. Love the lotion bars! In my opinion good soap is worth every penny!


I love the idea of buying from Etsy - I always try to buy handmade whenever possible. But I am concerned about the packaging required to ship the soaps to me. I guess I could reuse it. Fortunately, I have a Whole Foods, several small natural foods stores and several farmers markets in my area, so I will definitely look for non-packaged options in those places. Thanks!

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Do you think it can good benefits to my skin? he he he
But still i want to try that kind of soap. I am excited to see what will be the result.

Coco of VidaCoco.com

I love to make homemade soap! It's easy and relatively inexpensive, and makes for a great craft to do with your kids. It also makes a great gift! Please see the link for an easy guide to make soap on my website:



I just love soaps! and I love etsy. Will be looking for some to buy there! Love your blog!


Thanks for stopping by Julie! Have fun shopping on Etsy!

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