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May 03, 2011


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Beth C.

I subscribe to many of them - many of those you listed, groupon, living social...and I have purchased several times. However, I am very careful what I purchase - if it's not something we are already looking for, or something I know we will use, then I will not purchase. Buying just for the sake of buying, for "the deal", is wasteful and not where we want to be.

grace @ahead

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Condo Blues

I subscribe to some of those including Living Social, Groupon, and I get a preview of the Sunday circulars from my store and Target because I don't buy the Sunday paper.

Most days, I delete the emails based on the subject line without opening them unless it's something I really need or would make a good gift for someone.


I don't subscribe to any of them. After losing my job in August my shopping habits have changed considerably. I now participate in a lot of local swaps. It's VERY hard for me because I have always had an obsession with shopping. But, leading an eco-friendly lifestyle also makes me keep things in check a little more.

Paige Wolf

I LOVE Pure Citizen: http://www.purecitizen.com/referafriend/?___store=pc2&bl=cGFpZ2VAcGFpZ2V3b2xmLmNvbQ==

I also love greenbabybargains.com, organicdeals.com, and ecobabybuys!

Debbie henry

Great article. Recently my daughter has been thinking more organic after her sister in law had a baby and feeds him all organic food. This is good to know

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