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May 11, 2011


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Green Bean

It is so frustrating. Nearly everything breaks these days in a matter of days, weeks, or a year while I still have stuff that I purchased 20 years ago that keeps on trucking.

I am at least seeing iphone fixes around. A year ago, people were just told to ditch them and get a new one. I try to buy some of this stuff used so it is older and better quality.


I know what you mean about older stuff lasting while new stuff doesn't. Up until a few years ago, I was still using my clock radio from college!

Tara Fly

I couldn't believe it when my toaster blew up in a puff of smoke within one week after purchase... I asked my husband whether we'd mailed in the manufacturer's warranty, and he laughed at me:
"It was a $20 toaster... just go buy another one."

Which seemed a better solution than shipping our new-broken one back to the manufacturer, and potentially waiting for weeks until it was replaced. :(

Then a dustpan we recently purchased cracked within 24 hours, and was unusable!

The whole culture which revolves around "build it cheap, and they'll buy more" is just sickening and expensive too!

Rachel @ day2day joys.

And it always seems like when you have one thing fixed the next thing breaks! lol! I really enjoy your blog! btw, I started a new link up for sharing healthy ideas, suggestions, going "green" tips, etc. and I hope you'll join me next Wednesday! (Healthy 2day Wednesdays) Have a great weekend!


Thanks Rachel - I will try to participate!

Betsy (Eco-novice)

This super duper annoys me too. Companies absolutely need an incentive to create products that can be repaired, updated, or recycled. I'm still trying to psyche myself up for buying a new laptop battery. My laptop is 6 years old, which my husband says is a long time, but I don't feel that way. He thinks I should just get a new laptop (instead of a new battery) b/c my computer is so "old." Appliances and toys and everything is like this now -- inexpensive but also "cheap" in the worst sense.

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