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July 15, 2011


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Rob Wane

For me still the best way to protect your floor especially hardwood is to invest for a wood protector or put glides on legs of your furniture.


I use Shaklee's Basic H2 which works wonders and saves me a ton of money because it is concentrated. It is non-toxic and organic and natural and chemical free.

Ruth Pfeiffer

Thanks for the info on the Bona product. Can it be used on laminate floors? I am have a hard time trying to keep my laminate floors clean and I don't want them to crack and peel.


Ruth - Yes, Bona hardwood floor cleaner is safe to use on hardwood floors!

Michelle @ Radiant Brown Beauty

I use Bona also but don't have to spray it. I have a Bona mop :-) The bottle of floor cleaner attaches to the mop and you squirt it from there. It's really nice because you can swap the mopping pad for a dust pad.

Kathy Carbone

This post is really informative and helpful to those who are obsessed in keeping their floors clean. How much does this cleaning agent cost? Where can we buy it?


I clean houses for a living & the absolute best way to clean all those different floor types is with a steam mop. We've used spray bottles with vinegar and water, bleach, and other store bought brands, but when we used steamers at a couple of our clients homes we bought one ourselves and can't live without it. I love the Haan steam vac we use at one clients home (she has four kids and two dogs). It takes 30 seconds to heat up and it vacuums up everything and steams the floors clean plus dries super fast. I want one and she told me she got hers at MopShops.com within a few days and didn't have to pay shipping.


Hi Jessica - I've heard that steam mops are great! Maybe that will be my next investment....

Ailith Blesington

You can also use steam vacuums if you have the budget, but this spray is a unique alternative for floor cleaners. I can also try and use this on my own floorings. :-)

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