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September 13, 2011


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Hi Amie - funny you should ask about the wool dryer balls. I bought a package of 6 but I only use 3 at a time. I am planning to give the other 3 as a gift! My understanding is that they last forever! They certainly haven't changed since I purchased them and they work like a charm! Best of luck with your little one!


I heard that you can eliminate static by hooking a safety pin on to your garments before putting them into the dryer. Since the pin is made out of metal, it will attract the static leaving your clothes static free!


I never cared much for dryer sheets, an expense I really did not want to pay and the fire hazard in dryers is another reason. I started using the plastic (or whatever they are made of)dryer balls when they came out about 25 or so years ago. If I had my druthers, I would hang clothes outside to dry all the time. Love the smell of clothes and especially sheets hung outside. I have many times started to dry clothes in dryer to get wrinkles out and then finish on the line outside.

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