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September 22, 2011


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I know Homemade snacks sound great, but there are just too many risks involved with people, which is why many schools and organizations require "store boughten" treat/snacks. (Who doesn't love a home-made chocolate cookie instead of a store-boughten one, but there's liability now.). Over the years, I've learned of co-workers with pet rats in their house, seen friends who let cats walk all over their kitchen counters (remember those same paws walk in litter boxes) and dogs that lick ice cream bowls clean (is YOUR dishwasher temperature set high enough, or if you hand wash dishes, I doubt it is). Then there's the risk to the peanut allergy kids that is life-threatening, even though people claim they didnt touch any when they made it. I trust my friends to wash their hands when they're making things for a group, but when it comes to random soccer parents I don't know, I'd rather my kids get preservatives in their food from the packaged granola bar, than the cat feces. (I'm not a germophobe, either. Just started avoiding potlucks after realizing the comfort level people have with lack of cleanliness.)


Dear Anonymous - Thanks for your comment. Your outlook is interesting but one that I don't share. I really don't see it as risky to accept a homemade treat or eat at a potluck. In fact I love potlucks! I understand why schools feel the need to keep homemade treats out of the classroom but I certainly hope we never see the end of sharing homemade cooking with each other!

Good Girl Gone Green

I need to start making my own granola. Even in bulk, organic granola is expensive! Do you think I could use oil instead of butter? I don't di dairy...;)


Hi GGGG - sure I think you could sub oil instead of butter in these granola bars. Here's a recipe for bulk granola that uses oil:  http://mindfulmomma.typepad.com/mindful_momma/2008/04/granola-girl.html  Enjoy!!

Andrea - The Greenbacks Gal

Ok, I'm looking at the picture and wondering are these crunchy or soft?

Most teams my girls play on bring the gatorade and the store-bought-something-sweet.


Hey Andrea - good question!! The granola bars are soft - but firm. Does that make sense? If you press down on the bars with a spatula right when they come out of the oven, it helps firm them up so they will cut well and not crumble. :)


Mom Photographer

I have never made my own granola bars. I only make granola. I think I should try those bars. Your recipe looks really easy and so tasty!

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