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November 01, 2011


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It was honestly refreshing to see that these products are "Verified gluten-free, vegetarian, and cruelty free". I saw a documentary recently on the use of animals in the cosmetic field. Do you know of other makeup lines that can assure buyers that they're "cruelty free"?


Hi Maryssa - I agree - it's nice to know that products are cruelty-free. Peta.org has a search engine that helps you find companies that do not test on animals: http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/companies/default.aspx

Also - look for the leaping bunny symbol on products and check out their website for cruelty free products: http://www.leapingbunny.org/partners.php


I haven't heard of this brand before--thanks for sharing! I've had an easy time switching to natural home care products, but it's been tougher finding skincare and make-up that's still effective & doesn't irritate my skin. I'm going to check out Andalou next time I'm at Whole Foods.


Hi Kiersten - I really recommend giving Andalou Naturals a try. I'm actually heading to Whole Foods today to pick up a facial cleanser today! I guess that means I'm hooked!



Thanks Micaela! These are fantastic sources! Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your posts!


I've recently started using the "Omega Glow Facial Concentrate" - I like it but fine the smell too strong so I only put it on before I leave the house so I know I'll be walking for a bit.
It feels good on and early results seem good as yesterday my mom commented that I looked very fresh-faced (this was after a 10hour work day) - so something is working. I'll see if it keeps it up.


Hi Shan - Good to get your feedback on the Omega Glow Facial Concentrate. I'm curious to try it - it will be next on my list!


Sabrina Moore

I'm currently using an organic skin care line. And yeah, I love the results. I love that this is a vegetarian skin care line. Hmmm... I'll definitely try this line from Andalou Naturals.


Thanks Sabrina - I think you'll like Andalou Naturals!



I was looking for a product that would help me with anti aging and help me with achne every so often and something that would truely moisturize my skin, shrink my pores, help with wrinkles, etc. I found it, so far it is Andalou skin care, I use the Grapfruit c exfolating mask, blossom & leaf toner, eye serum, super polypeptide lift & firm cream, fruit stem cell night repair, daily defense lotion, dermal wrinkle filler, and the fruit stem cell revitalize serum. I have been using these products for two weeks now and my skin has lost the rosacea and other red spots, my red scares are deminishing, my fine lines under my eyes, between my eye brows and on my upper lip are deminishing, my skin tone is evening out and do not see little ache bumps any as much and my skin is finally soft as a babies bottom and the best part is with the even skin tone I no longer have a greasy T zone.

So far I love this product and will never go back to anything else. So glad it is doing what they say it supposed to do and working for my skin after spending soooo much money on other products that don't work and it is natural.

The other products also bothered my eyes because of the chemicals in them and always gave me headaches. No no more headaches or irratated eyes, what a relief.

I am not a seller of this product no an affilian of any kind, just a normal stay at home working mom that so desperately wanted to look and feel better.


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