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November 09, 2011


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Michelle @Special Mom Space

I'm with you on the being early thing. I don't typically do a list for holiday shopping because I have tunnel vision when I shop. I do however find making lists helpful for grocery shopping :-)

I also love to shop online so cyber Monday is my day! I'm hoping to get an increase in sales on my stress and alternative pain relief site at that time.

Betsy (Eco-novice)

I absolutely agree that shopping is really a miserable experience when you are exhausted. You have some great DIY ideas on your blog! I mostly avoid the holiday madness by staying away from the stores and shopping mostly online. But I would like to try to patronize some local independent stores too this year -- they are usually less crazy and more fun to browse.

Lori Popkewitz Alper

Thanks for the great tips! My biggest issue is that I don't start early enough. I am a last minute shopper so I tend to get sucked into products I don't necessarily need or want. Buying just for the sake of having a gift for someone isn't the greenest way to shop. Hopefully this year I will be more on the ball and shop early!


Good point about on-line shopping Michelle. I didn't mention that in my post, but it can be a great way to focus your shopping efforts without getting overwhelmed by so many choices in the stores. My only hesitation is the extra shipping costs and energy used for transportation etc...But I still do buy a few things online each year!



Thanks Micaela. I love the reminder to "go for quality." Particularly when there are so many incredible sales, quantity often "ups" quality, and it should always be the other way around!


Hi Betsy - I love shopping at independently owned stores - I just try to go at times when they aren't so busy!


I'm in the same boat Lori! Every year I vow to be more organized and get started earlier but it's so hard - especially when you have a family! Ah well, we do what we can!!



You are so right Harriet - it's easy to be tempted by getting more, more, more when more really isn't better. :)


Karen Hanrahan

I love the give experiences suggestion!


Thanks Karen! Don't you love to get gifts of experiences instead of just more stuff?

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