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December 07, 2011


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Micaela @MindfulMomma


Tiffany (NatureMom)

Love, love, love these boxes. So many new things to try.


I'd like to find natural skin care products like soap & moisturizing lotion & creames.


I'd be interested in trying some new soaps, some snacks, and some eco-friendly dishwahser detergent. I've been making my own and it works but not as well as I'd like it to! I have also heard a lot about soap nuts for laundry - maybe some of those? OOH - not to gross anyone out but I have always wanted to try Luna pads! It's kind of hard to think of other things since their site doesn't really give too many examples. Either way, I guess there are a few things I could think of...


What A great gift idea!

Laura G.

I'd love to discover new organic and fair trade edibles like tea, spices, chocolates, and supplements!

cathy worrall

Oh My GOSH!!!! what fun! I may have just found the perfect gift for my "sister" across the country! Thank you! I hope there are home fragrance items and cosmetics (two of the hardest items to purchase that are truly green)!


I would enjoy finding vegan beauty products,
fragrance and food items...
Many thanks, Cindi

Web Hosting

These products also looks like beauty products

Amber G.

I would love to see some Pangea Organics smaples in a conscious box. Thansk for letting us know about this great program! I am excited to sign up!


I would like home & personal care things like laundry soap, body soap, and shampoo.


what a great concept! I'm glad they offer vegan and gluten-free products


Always searching for better friendlier beauty products!! Great giveaway!


green and clean soaps


I would love to discover new natural shampoo and conditioner! Great giveaway!

tammy b

what a really idea, thanks for the introduction!


Chocolate... need I say more. Every box should contain chocolate.

Michelle Christensen

Very cool contest. I love trying new products.


my dry skin could use some of those skin care products right about now!!


Beauty giveaways are always great - because you don't want to buy an whole expensive product if you don't like the way it works. It's a lot different than trying out foods...

Ashley Morrow

I'd like some vegan beauty products.


Some soaps, some reusable towels, and lotions would be great!


Nail care without all those nasty chemicals!

judy gardner

i would like to try some "green" cosmetics!

[email protected]


Wonderful! I'd love home and personal care items. And munchies! :) Thanks!

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