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December 01, 2011


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Kristina Greene

My Mom and I made some a few years ago. I love them! Use we them daily - my 3 kids and my husband all use them for their lunches and snacks. My daughter named them "snack-e bags."


Snack-e bags - that's so cute Kristina! Thanks for your comment!

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Montreal Guitar Lessons

Love this idea! Zip lock bags are so wasteful and its also a great activity to do with your kids!It is also a great lesson for them to learn early on. I also recommend making a lunch back out of the same material, especially as the kids get a bit older and don't want that clunky lunch box anymore and start carrying their lunches in plastic grocery bags or paper bags. They can make a fabric one out of material they think is cool. Another tip is to put the kids name on these bags. I know when I was a kid I was constantly leaving my lunch bag at school!


What a nice idea and it's eco-friendly too. I always feel so bad for throwing away the baggies when I'm done. Thank you!


Hi Zoe - Once you start using snack sacks, you'll probably never go back to using plastic baggies for snacks again! At least that's what happened to me!



I made a few of these when my daughter started kinder this year. I love them! Some of the other moms have asked me where I got them and when I told them I made them, they offered to pay me to do some for them! Great way to cut back on waste!


Have really been wanting to make some of these. Nice work, looks great!


Stephanie - how great that people want to hire you to make snack sacks! Have fun with it!

Thursday, December 8, 2011 3:48 PM

Subject: [Mindful Momma] Stephanie submitted a comment to "DIY Gift Idea: Simple Handmade Snack Sack"


Hi Elizabeth - Glad you like the snack sacks! Are you going to try to make some yourself?


Good Girl Gone Green

I am not very crafty and well, I mostly definitely do not sew. With that said, I love this idea. My mom is the sewer, so I will have to pass this on to her to make for me. Lugging around my glass jars makes my purse very heavy!!! Cute designs! :)


Hi Good Girl Stephanie - yeah, sewing is not for everyone. My Mom taught me when I was young, so I am hooked! Drop the hint to your Mom and maybe she'll make you a few!


Emily @ Random Recycling

I love reusable bags. How do you wash the oil cloth ones?


Emily - I wash the oil cloth bags by hand.


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