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January 02, 2012


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Lori Popkewitz Alper

Happy New Year! What a wonderful post. I found myself nodding as I was reading it. I really like how you separated your resolutions into four categories. It is a lot to accomplish-but many of them are intertwined. One of my goals for the new year is to check in with myself more often to make sure I'm happy and not overly stressed! I agree with your husband.


go vegan


Thanks for the reminders to be mindful. Definitely working on the taking time for self part this year. I've always been great at making sure everyone else has time for fitness, but not necessarily me. Also cutting back on doing too many "good" things so I'm not stretched too thin to do any one thing well.


Good luck going vegan Veggie Princess! Thanks for stopping by!



Hi Anne - I appreciate your comment about cutting back, even on all the "good" things you are doing. It's hard to do but it comes down to quality over quantity, don't you think?



Hey Lori - I love your goal to have a regular check-in with yourself. I have a similar goal - to notice when I am feeling crabby or stressed and to try to understand what's behind it, so I can make it better! Easier said than done, but important to try!



Loved the resolutions! For meatless meals ideas check out my blog: greenmomster.org. Along with discussions on environmental topics, I post a meat-free friday recipe that's very time - and family-friendly. Thanks for your terrific site!


Cool blog Desiree! I will be sure to check back for more vegetarian recipes! Happy New Year!


Michelle @Special Mom Space

Health and self are great reasons. We can not be helpful to others if we are falling apart.


So true Michelle! Yet it's so easy to put others ahead of ourselves. It will be a good focus for 2012!


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