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February 21, 2012


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Good Girl Gone Green

Thanks! I am looking into getting little E her first set of crayons! And am in the process of looking of course for non-toxic and safe ones!!!


I once called Crayola to find out what is in their "nontoxic" crayons. After five minutes of talking around the subject, all I knew for sure is that their crayons are free of peanuts. We immediately switched to Stockmar.

Thanks for this excellent list!

Elizabeth Monaghan


Love this post. I wish it was as easy to buy all this stuff at Target like the traditional art supplies, but having it all listed here makes it one step easier. Thanks!

Jessica Moran

Great post! It's so awesome to see that people are searching for better options. You can also check out Artterro eco art kits at www.artterro.com, if you're looking for a convenient collection of materials. I work there, so I'm biased, but it's a great, mom-owned company with very creative products.


Stephanie - have fun with the crayons! Before you know it your house will be full of art supplies!


Elizabeth - peanut-free crayons - LOL! Hope the Stockmar crayons are working well for you!


I'm kind of surprised Target hasn't gone down the non-toxic art supply path. They have a lot of recycled notebooks and paper but I haven't seen any "better" crayons and markers yet.


Hi Jessica - Thanks for letting me know about Artterro. The kits look really fun - and how great that they are eco-friendly as well!


I am so glad to have come across this. My son is a toddler who loves to scribble and paint. I have been looking for non-toxic alternatives to the markers and paints that are out there. Thanks so much for this info.;)


Glad you found this post useful Maria. Hope you little guy has lots of fun doing artwork!


We love Stockmar and Clementine. I'm pinning this and am looking forward to checking out your other suggestions - thanks!


Thanks for pinning my post IThoughtIKnewMa!!


Thanks for putting this list together: there were a few I don't know yet but I'm going to try! For those ready to move beyond crayons, I would like to recommend Lyra pencils: intense colours, super-soft, great for on-paper blending, several sizes for growing hands. (Not that we will ever let go of the Stockmar crayons...)


Hi CelloMom - thanks for the tip about Lyra pencils. I had not heard of them.

Labor Posters

Hello Micaela! I like your post for this Non-Toxic Art and I know someday I can make it on my own. I enjoy reading your blog thank you for sharing it!


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