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February 06, 2012


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Brenna @ Almost All The Truth

I used to love my Birkenstocks and then hadn't thought much of them in the last decade or so. Nice to see them still around and living up to their hippie name in terms of environmental stewardship.


Brenna - do you still have your Birkenstocks? I have a feeling mine will last a good, long time!

Desiree (www.greenmomster.org)

I've had the Basel clogs you mentioned and didn't like them so much -- my feet kept slipping out with socks on. The ones I do like are the sandals, the classic Arizona. I don't know how many times we've had our resoled. I love when the weather's warm enough to slip them on!


I'm sorry to hear you didn't love the Basel clogs Desiree. So far I have only worn mine with socks - I'll try them barefoot and see what I think!

Lori Popkewitz Alper

I had a pair of Birkenstocks for many, many years. They were by far the most comfy pair of shoes I have ever owned. They were not the most stylish! Glad to see their shoes have come a long way. The Basel clogs look very cute and much more stylish then my old pair of sandals!

Lisa La Nasa

I have had a pair similar to the Basel clogs (in leather) for nearly 20 years and have has them resoled three times. They are by far the best shoes I have ever owned and still look as good today as they did originally. Love them!!!

Julia's Child

I haven't owned one. But I do wear other clogs. Birks always looked...larger. More cloggy. Maybe it's just me. I'd be willing to give them another try.


You should try a pair Lori - they are great for wearing around the house!


Lisa - that's so cool that you love your Birkies so much to have them resoled 3 times. It says a lot about the shoes!


Julie - here's what I discovered about Birkenstocks: they come in 2 widths. I chose the smaller of the two widths and they do not look large at all and they fit perfectly!


I had a pair of Basel Clog Birkenstocks when I was in college. I always had to be different than anyone else so I chose the Basel style which no one was wearing at the time. Although I never came to like the look of the shoe(they reminded me of fred flinstone feet)I did wear them until I had to have them re-corked twice. The way they molded to my feet and were sooooo comfortable is something I have never forgotten. A comfortable shoe is a necessity for me now because I have nerve damage in both feet. I won't be purchasing the Basel style but I will be purchasing the Gizeh style. Once you wear Birkenstocks your feet are forever grateful.


Mommys Organics - glad to hear how much you loved your Birkenstocks! The Gizah style looks perfect for summer!

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