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March 16, 2012


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I saw the revolution product on a video and loved its multi-tasking concept. Do you love it?


Organic Jojoba oil and Organic Coconut oil (I use them interchangeably) are the most multi-tasking products in my beauty routine. I use one nightly as an eye make-up remover,general facial moisturizer and to smooth frizzy hair. I love them both- it just depends on what I have on hand at any given time.


Hi Anna, Yes - I've been using the Revolution Organics beauty balm and I love it! Both the sunkissed (warm, brownish) and the blushed (pink) work for me. The color is very transparent - it just adds a nice glow to your skin!


Great point Lisa - plain old jojoba oil and coconut oil do so much on their own - who needs fancy products? I also love almond oil!


All in all a great post and I am glad I found it :) And yeah I too love blushed (pink) for daily wear.

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