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March 14, 2012


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Desiree (www.greenmomster.org)

What a great list -- very helpful! After reading "The Non-Toxic Avenger," a list like this will be very helpful in trying to reduce exposure to parabens and phthalates.

Lori Popkewitz Alper

I love this post! Those labels can be so confusing. Off to share!


Hi Desiree - glad you find this helpful. I read The Non-Toxic Avenger too - great book, huh?


Thanks for sharing the post Lori - I appreciate it!


Yes, we certainly try! Although, I find many of the specialty natural, non-toxic eczema products don't have certifications when they're from really small, literately mom and pop run businesses.

Great list though!


Susan Apito

This statement is false: "First of all, it's critical to know that the words "natural" and "organic" are completely unregulated and therefore have no true meaning on their own."

The word "ORGANIC" is regulated by the USDA NOP and applies to any product made with agricultural ingredients, including cosmetics.

I also recently found out that the Certifying agent's address does not need to be on the label - just the name.

This site says "The USDA has no authority over the production and labeling of cosmetics, body care products, and personal care products that are not made up of agricultural ingredients."

That is true...so if the product has NO agricultural ingredients - in other words, it would have to be all synthetic ingredients, then the USDA has no authority. Like laws governing dogs don't cover cats even though both are companion animals and pets.

In addition to the 100% Organic and Organic category, there are two additional categories regulated under the authority of the USDA NOP.

Claims that a product is "Made with organic" and the claims that a product "Contains organic". Products in both categories have to be USDA Certified Organic in order to to make such claims, however neither may use the Organic seal in marketing materials or in retail displays in proximity to these products.

The “Made with organic XYZ” product MUST display the certifying agent’s name; If a product has “Less than 70 percent organic ingredients–Products cannot use the term “organic” anywhere on the principal display panel” AND “Products may not display the USDA Organic Seal and may not display a certifying agent’s name and address.” The reason for that is, listing the certifying agent’s name and address implies the product is actually contains at least 70 percent organic ingredients.


The problem with the COPA seal is that the phrase "Made with Certified Organic Ingredients" is governed by the USDA NOP, so these products would have to be USDA Certified Organic to make such a claim.


How about NPA (Natural Products Association) Certified products?


Baby Mantra is NPA certified.


Hi Kelly - I've got the Natural Products Association (NPA) on the list! Maybe you missed it?


Thank you. Didn't mean to be rude..i love the information.


Hi Susan, Thanks for the information. You are clearly very passionate about organics!

Good Girl Gone Green

I am not so sure about "Susan" saying your statement is false. Anyone can put natural and/or organic on a product without it being certified organic. For example, I have seems cosmetic products with organic lavender it in, but all the other ingredients are questionable, but organic is on the product. And I found "Susan" to be slightly rude.

I didnt know that about the 10% organic for the eco-cert certification. Thanks, Micaela!


These are by far my favorite kind of posts :) As a consumer, I always want to know about the products I'm buying. Thanks!


Glad you liked the post Katie! Thanks for stopping by!

Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal

Hi Micaela! Loved this so I featured it on this week's Your Green Resource and pinned it. It already has 14 repins!


Thanks so much Andrea - I appreciate it!

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