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March 23, 2012


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Brenna @ Almost All The Truth

I wish that I had a better system for saving things. I don't trash anything, but so many times I wish I had kept something - even years later. How do you keep things organized to be able to save?


Ha! Brenna - I don't have any special organization tips - just a big basement! And I do get rid of a lot of things as well.

Jackie at GrowingOurGreenBeans.com

I am totally the opposite, I love hauling stuff off to the thrift store and let the thrift store be my basement if I ever need something like that again. Still, how come my attic is so full? (It's the kids, camping and Christmas stuff!)

Katie Martin

I also love finding old things and reusing them. Looks lovely! And I haven't tried Stonyfield Greek yogurt, but I would definitely recommend Stonyfield Chocolate Underground yogurt for chocolate lovers.

and thanks for the blog recommendation :)


Hi Katie - I've tried the Chocolate Underground yogurt - delicious!! (my boys love it too!)


Love the idea of the thrift store being your basement Jackie! Good plan!

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