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April 17, 2012


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Yosefa @nonrecipe

I LOVE freeze dried apples. I also enjoy seasoned, roasted chickpeas.

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth

I think the snacks mentioned in the review sound perfect! I would love to see more vegan, gluten-free snacks with no added sugar.


I would like to see something with Chia seeds!


I don't buy too many packaged snacks - they're either too pricey if they're the good stuff, or they're not things I want to eat/feed my kids. We eat a lot of fruit, nuts, dried fruit and popcorn for snacks.

Beth Stratton

Sounds wonderful! I'd love not to have to think about snacks for my family.

Beth Stratton

I'd love freeze dried veggies.

Sarah B.

Organic fruit and veggie snacks with no added sugars and selfishly anything dark chocolate!


I would love to see chia seeds and apricots or raspberries.


Always looking for new, unique, healthy snacks for my son. Life is so busy, having some pre-packaged snacks come in so handy!


I would like it to be as real food-ish as possible like dried fruit. No preservatives or other non-food additions please.

Amber Kemp

Love homemade yogurt, muffins, or smoothies for yummy snacks. :o)

La Alicia

something I have never seen before! ;)


Best snack that the whole family loves is primal strpis! Vegan jerky (I know it doesn't sound too tastey) but they are great low calorie (100 cal) and extremly high in protein (10grams) they also have flavors that are even gluten free!!! I love sticking them in my kids' lunch boxes for a snack or putting them in all sorts of recipies like chili, stri fry, and even salads. My kids love it in sandwhiches too! Last month I read an article on the dangers of red meat found from a harvard study: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/press-releases/2012-releases/red-meat-cardiovascular-cancer-mortality.html . If you eat 1 serving of red meat per day it could increase premature mortality by 20%!
After reading this I tried finding meat alternatives for my family and this is the best product by far!
you can find them here:


My son has a corn intolerance so I'm always looking for healthy, corn-free snacks for him. These sound like something the whole family would enjoy!


I'm learning a lot and enjoy being a subscriber!


I'd like to see healthy candy like lollipops

Amanda H

This sounds like a great way to try new snacks!

Serena Powell

Definitely dried fruits. Ever since I tried dried cranberries I am in love.

Lauren B

I like to snack on raw almonds or bananas. :)


I make the power balls (I forgot what you call them) from your book! :)

Small Footprints

I love dried fruit and nuts ... Mmm! Thank you for this opportunity!
Sml Footprints
reducefootprints at gmail dot com

elven johnson

Dried seaweed.


We love granola bars! Would love to try these new snacks.

Rian M

Fruit Jerkey and dried mango


How about some carob chips or yogurt drops?
Thanks, Cindi

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