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July 03, 2012


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Lori Popkewitz Alper

I've never really given thought to how many different styles of walking there are. What an interesting topic for a sermon! You are right-most of us walk as a means to an end. We are trying to get somewhere. I've tried walking meditations, which is walking solely for the purpose of walking. It's hard to settle your mind and focus on the walk, but in the end it feels great.


I agree Lori - it is hard to settle your mind!  Every time I try to meditate it takes awhile to settle in - but it is worth the wait to feel so peaceful and relaxed!


Lori, I'm not into traditional meditation, more able to just allow my mind to wander where it likes. I find that meditative too. Like you, I breathe, even close my eyes for a bit (when I'm not walking by the side of the road) and listen. It's a great way to be "in the moment."


Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my great experience with this new app I just downloaded, Make Change Not Waste. It’s an app that tracks your green activities and rewards you with coupons to Whole Foods (or you can choose to donate the coupon money to charity). Just thought some of y’all might want to check it out :)


Thanks for the tip Virginia! I will check it out!

Green Steve

Big fan of walking as a way to think through things, even if it is to an end i.e. to work and back home, I find it helps get my thoughts in order nicely.


I couldn't agree more Steve. Walking is a perfect time to unwind with your thoughts!

Mindful Walking Blog

Good to hear about your experience of mindful walking.

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