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September 12, 2012


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Yay! Sounds like a great summer fitness plan! It always surprises me how sweaty I get when gardening.

I struggled with a fitness plan this summer (3 kids + summer = no alone time) so I added my kids into it all. Bike rides to playgrounds, swimming lessons and beaches, walking and trying more public transit when I could, gardening and being outside with my kids.

I'm trying a new green fitness goal: using my bike for more commuting when I can so that I'm not fitting it into my schedule, it is my schedule. When the west coast rain kicks in I don't know how motivated I'll stay, though.


Cool, I will have to check out the Green exercize challenge. I am coming a bit late to the party but it looks like fun.


Christy - I'm impressed! I love your goal of doing more errands by bicycle. Good luck with it!


Hi Emily - it's never too late to get started on a fitness plan! :)

Lori Popkewitz Alper

You are amazing! I was so impressed that you ran the 5k at BlogHer - and without coffee! You really had an active summer! I agree that it's so important to be flexible with fitness goals.


Whoo! You got a LOT of physical activity in your summer! High five for running with out coffee, too :)


Thanks Laura! I never would have guessed I could run without coffee but it goes to show - we can usually do more than we think! :)

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