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October 26, 2012


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Awesome! I'm always interested in good, safe cleaning products. I run a green cleaning service and am always looking for the best products for the job. Will be checking out Better Life


Someone had posted this site (http://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners) on a "natural" cleaning company's fb page, well it's making me a little crazy. Something seems off with their rating system, more "natural" products are scoring the same or less than products I know to be harmful. I know the products I use for dish soap and laundry are not 100% pure but I thought they were better than this site claims. Are the products I thought were safer scams or is something not right... I wanted to know your thoughts?


Danyelle - Yes, you are right - something is not quite right with the EWG's cleaning product ratings. I have heard a lot of people complaining about it. Hopefully they are working on tweeking their system to better represent natural cleaning products. Here's a good blog post my friend Kathy at Safe Mama wrote: http://safemama.com/2012/09/19/my-opinion-on-the-ewgs-new-guide-to-cleaning-products-report/


Thank you for your response and the link. I feel better knowing I am not alone in feeling discouraged by some of the EWG's ratings.


Don't feel so bad - I often have trouble duplicating recipes from Pinterest and other bloggers. The hardest are gluten-free recipes as they take a special amount of tweaking to perfect usually. Hope the party was a success!

I'll check out Better Life. First time I've heard of them. I'm always looking for products safe for eczema and allergies.



Thanks Jennifer! It's hard to spend tons of time on anything when you have little kids! I've seen Better Life around a local grocery stores - I think you will like it!


Thanks for pointing these out. I am always on the look out for safe cleaners, although I have to be careful with scents, even natural ones at times because of allergies.

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