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October 22, 2012


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Mary Horowitz

We aren't vegan, but follow a vegan diet from time to time. At least 1-2 nights a week, we'll have a vegan meal. We are dairy-free--which means that meatless meals tend to be vegan at our house already :)


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Amanda KP

I sometimes eat vegan, although it is becoming a bigger thought for me throughout the week. My favorite vegan dessert is coconut milk ice cream. I made some this summer with roasted rhubarb and it was delicious! Would love to win this book!


My husband and I follow a vegan diet (3 years and counting!) and our five year old is vegetarian. I've found that vegan desserts taste better because you can taste the actual ingredients instead of just sugar!


I'm a vegetarian recently turned vegan, and I love baking so it would be great to win a copy of Robin's new dessert cookbook! My favorite dessert is the vegan Cowvin cookie from Sticky Fingers bakery -- an oatmeal sandwich cookie with vanilla frosting. So good!! :)


favorite=vegan brownies

Serena Powell

I am a vegetarian but I try to eat a vegan diet as much as possible. I absolutely love vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Kelly Garbato

My husband and I have been vegan since the mid-aughts.

Favorite dessert? Tofutti Drumsticks. SO GOOD!

Jenna Z

I'm vegetarian and I eat vegan maybe 80% of the time. I LOVE cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip are my favorite!


I follow a vegan diet, and have been for years. I'm starting to get into cooking and baking a lot - and am trying to find recipes that my herbivore boyfriend will love, to bring him over to play on our vegan team! (: haha
My favorite desert in general is brownies, but I found a recipe for Sweet Wine Sesame cookies and they are amazing. Insanely amazing.


I eat vegan occassionally!

Lori Popkewitz Alper

I fluctuate-sometimes vegan sometimes not! My family doesn't follow a vegan diet, but are subjected to it sometimes because of me. My favorite vegan desert-I think you just made it. The PB&J crisp looks amazing.


Yes, I'm vegan!


I'm vegetarian! But like making vegan stuff :)


I went vegan for a few months because I was having problems with my gall bladder. I still now make recipes with apple sauce and pumpkin. They just taste better. I don't have a vegan dessert cookbook and would love one.


I've been vegetarian for many years. I dislike milk and am not a big fan of cheese, so I eat vegan a lot! I can't remember any specific vegan desserts I've made, but I've "pinned" a ton of them! :)


I go back and forth between vegan and vegetarian. When it comes to baking, however, I'm vegan :) My favorite dessert is probably a waffle with coconut milk ice cream on top!

Giselle Loder

I am trying to live a vegetarian lifestyle and hopefully eventually vegan. I find it difficult because my husband and kids aren't really ready and they don't like most of the veg dinners I cook. So I'm always on the lookout for yummy healthy vegetarian food.


my sister is-i will eat some vegan dishes and i'd like to try more


Yep, I'm a vegan. My favorite dessert is blueberry pie with So Delicious Vanilla on top. Superyumful!


I am a vegetarian and usually stick to a vegan diet. My favorite vegan dessert is apple clafouti from Vegan on the Cheap!

Kimberly B.

I'm not vegan, but I try to eat vegan several times a month. I don't have a favorite vegan dessert, but would love to find one that is tasty.


We sometimes follow a vegan diet. We are trying. We are currently vegetarian...making the transition soon. I don't have a favorite vegan dessert, but I would love to learn some!!!

Good Girl Gone Green

I want this book! Yes, I eat a vegan diet. My favorite recipe is vegan mac and cheese, where you use cashews! Yum Yum Yum!


I follow a vegan diet and am raw 90% of the time. Favorite desert is a raw kiwi bar.

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