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October 02, 2012


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Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

I also eat eggs with Omega -3's and take omega 3 vitamins! :) Love this post!

Desiree (www.greenmomster.org)

The source of fish-based omega 3s is a huge issue here in the Chesapeake Bay. I encourage your readers to consider plant-based sources to avoid supporting the market of over-harvested menhaden from the bay.

Anna@Green Talk

I eat chia seeds since they don't go bad. I stay away from canola oil due to GMOs. I also take algae pills too since I am a vegetarian.


Oh yeah - I didn't mention foods like milk & eggs with Omega 3's. Thanks for the tip Alice!


Very good point Desiree. There are so many factors to consider.


I like chia seeds. They're so easy to use.


I'm loving my chia seeds too Stephanie! So easy to add to my morning oatmeal!


We love our omegas in this family! Just beware of farm raised fish, even eco farm raised, as they contain much less omegas. For the full omega affect, go for wild caught salmon. It's the best.


Omega 3 acids are very useful for our health. It has many benefits and cuts the risk of many diseases. It is also beneficial for skin. Generally we get this from fishes and cod liver oils. As I am vegetarian so pumpkin seeds and soybeans are my favorite.

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