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November 12, 2012


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Tessa, online manager of children's products for WishGarden Herbs

My family is gluten free and we love Udi's! They are by far the most comparable to gluten products and I've even had people not notice they were eating GF. Many people don't realize that they may have a sensitivity to gluten as it can have a subtle, chronic effect, such as tiredness and achy joints, or dark circles under the eyes and eczema. So many of us are sensitive to it these days, due to over processing and actual steps being skipped in the harvesting/processing because of mass marketing. Things that were once good for us are now becoming intolerable to our bodies due to over processing and mass marketing. It's well worth it for anyone to do an elimination diet, and most of us will find something in our regular diet that is affecting us negatively once we take it out and re-introduce it.


So true Tessa. You have to eliminate something for awhile to realize that you have a sensitivity to it. Thank goodness for Udi's!!


We're primarily gluten-free since my son has to avoid gluten, as well as many other foods due to food allergies. When we first went gluten-free my body hated it and I felt awful - common withdrawal symptoms. But afterwards, I felt much healthier and had more energy. I still eat gluten from time to time, but I usually feel very sluggish afterwards.

We haven't tried Udi's because their products contain corn, another food allergy of my son's. But many people rave about their stuff.


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