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January 29, 2013


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Lori Popkewitz Alper

Thank you so much for sharing the great news about Tide's willingness to reformulate their laundry detergents to remove a cancer causing chemical. I'm honored to be listed among the other incredible woman, Diane, Harriet, Tamara and Beth. You are on that list too Micaela! Together our voices can and will make a difference!

Maria Smith

That is very cool of her to get Tide to change, even just to try! If everyone does their part, it makes a difference. Does switching to green cleaning count? :)


You are very welcome Lori - the Tide formula change is a BIG win!!



Marie - yes of course switching to green cleaning counts! Every little thing you do helps both your family and the planet! :)

Tiffany C

Great list of change makers. I am so super duper proud of Lori. She is such a rock star! I will not have to check out Tamara, thanks for the heads up!

Lindsay Dahl

This is so exciting and encouraging to see bloggers changing the world! I'm inspired to work with you all everyday!


Thanks Lindsay! We are always happy to support Safer Chemicals Healthy Families too! :)


You bet Tiffany! Tamara's movie is really excellent. I saw a rough cut recently and learned a TON about lead that I didn't already know.

Types of Cancer

Thanks Lindsay! We are always happy to support Safer Chemicals Healthy Families too! :)

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