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February 05, 2013


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shanna t

My least favorite rooms are the bathrooms!!! BOYS! I have 3 boys and they are messy!


Definitely bathrooms. Hopefully the Even The Kitchen Sink Cleansing Scrub and the All-Purpose Cleaner would help make it easier. Thanks!


I do not like to do the kitchen and the floors.I can never seem to find a product that cleans well without all the carcinogens... the floor cleaner would help me alot.

Debbie G.

Bathrooms! Yuck!! what-EVER Sage & Citrus All-Purpose would definitely help get rid of the funk.

Michelle W

My least favorite room to clean is the bathroom - I hope the All purpose cleaner would make it somewhat less tedious!


My least favorite is the bathroom. The all-purpose cleaner would be great!


Bathroom, I simply hate to clean the bathroom (and there are not many things I hate in this world!)
The all-purpose cleaner would help me out a lot!
What a cool giveaway, I love useful things!! :-)


It is crazy but I like cleaning the bathroom, but we have one bathroom, its small, and it is the only place in the house that clutter doesn't gather, so I can get through it quickly and really feel like a made a difference. I dread the kitchen...I don't even know where to start. How about the floors? I've heard good things about Get Floored.


I absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom, particularly the tub. I've been wanting to try the all purpose cleaning, hopefully it'll make the job a little easier.


Worst room is the bathroom. I always leave it for my husband to do and when ti does not get done, I eventually do it anyway. Gag.


My least favorite room to clean is the bathroom! I think the what-EVER Sage & Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner would help ... since it smells so good!


I hate to clean the bathroom. The "what-EVER Sage & Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner" would certainly help.


I hate to clean the kitchen. Not because I don't like a clean kitchen but because I worry so much about what I use to clean affecting the food! Even the kitchen sink cleaner is sure to help with that.


I hate to clean bathrooms and floors. I'm hoping anything in this giveaway will help with that.

megan h.

I also hate the clean bathrooms and floors! Simply Floored Floor Cleaner would make it much, much better!

Ashley Santillanes

Definitely the Bathroom! Could really use an all purpose and even the kitchen sink cleaners.


I hate cleaning the bathroom but I think the all purpose cleaner would help a great deal!

Vera K

I guess cleaning the bathroom is no picnic. Hopefully what-EVER Sage & Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner will make it more fun.

Kari T!

I also do not like the bathrooms!!! I really want to smell the sage
And citrus cleaner. I have wanted to go green but have been
Leary because I have never had any green products that work.
I would like to be surprised!!!


I hate cleaning the kitchen! I'm sure the kitchen sink cleaner is sure to help with that!


I also hate cleaning the bathrooms...3 kids can make such a mess!

Realia M

i also hate cleaning bathrooms!


definitely the bathroom! seems like the all-purpose cleaner would help!

mary t

I hate cleaning the kitchen! after cooking its just too much

Jessica Poston

I don't mind cleaning any certain rooms, but I HATE cleaning the cats litter box! lol

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